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Made in California, U.S.A. since 1994.

We are a research, development, production, and sales combine multi-national nutrition supplement corporation based in the USA. We are also a well-known all-natural herbs and supplement production and export company in USA. With more than 200 employees and 3 branch offices, Esmond Natural has successfully launched its products all around the globe, from North America to entire Asia.

Our products are designed to help customers stay in good health. Each sales center has multiple trained experts ready to answer any questions you may have, whether it is about immune system enhancement, bone structure enhancement, skin management, stress relief, or everyday care. Our goal is to design the perfect health plan for every customer.

To ensure the best quality, our natural selection of resources use strictest rules to control every single detail, including geographic features, weather, and feeding during the production process. Our ingredients resources come from all around the globe, and we make sure they are safe and top standard quality. For example, our Vitamin C is sourced from organic rose fruit and cherries from the West Indies; our fish oil is from Norway; our propolis is from Brazil. All of them are rigorously selected before entering the USA production department.

  1. Strictly selected raw materials
  2. Natural, safe and healthy
  3. Certified by the American Natural Products Association & GMP
  4. Professional research with top quality control
  5. MADE IN USA – 100%

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