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Apr 28, 2021, 07:18 ET
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VANCOUVER, BC, April 28, 2021 /CNW/ – Following 4.5 years of clinical research and testing, UltraSpec Laboratory, supported by the University of Victoria, BC, Canada; is proud to announce its FDA approved product FOUNT’Y NMN 12000 Elixir: an all-in-one capsule that supports cellular energy optimization, softens skins and wrinkles, increases flexibility, helps in the repair of DNA and support a healthy lifestyle.
FOUNT’Y NMN 12000 Elixir leads the line in the fight against aging – holding the key to better metabolism, immunity, and overall brain and cardiovascular improvements, as it is the most convenient way to take NMN in its highest purity form (99.9%) at an ideal dosage of 12000 mg, making it ideal to be combined into everyone’s daily routine.
But perhaps the most exciting discovery is that this miracle compound can be conveniently used as part of every person’s daily wellness routine. No longer is rigorous beauty regiment and everyday health routine mutually exclusive, the boundaries between them have been taken out in this new product that serves BOTH needs: the optimal and easy-to-take FOUNT’Y NMN 12000 Elixir.
It isn’t a claim rooted in fantasy. As we age, the level of NAD+ decreases, and this decrease, which intensifies after the age of 30, is a principal trigger in the process of aging. Thus, boosting NAD+ levels is the key to the fountain of youth: anti-aging.
However, NAD+ is an unstable compound which renders it impractical as a direct supplement or injection. Years of scientific research has concluded that the best way to circumvent this is by intaking an NAD+ precursor, so that the body has ingredients to generate its own NAD+. The most promising of these precursors is the beta-nicotinamide mononucleotide (𝛃-NMN) which forms the cornerstone of the FOUNT’Y NMN 12000 Elixir
UltraSpec Laboratory analyzed over 180 million pieces of methylated aging data and 40 million simulations of human metabolism to come up with the optimum formula of 𝛃-NMN that is highly effective as it contains an optimum combination of ingredients (beta-NMN, red wine extract and resveratrol) that activates 3 anti-aging pathways: sirtuins, mTOR, and AMPK; which work in their unique way to maintain youth and health.
The product utilizes a 4th generation NMN technology which ensures the highest purity and safety. FOUNT’Y NMN 12000’s effectiveness also does not diminish gradually in time, as is the case with other NMN supplement brands, due to its special proprietary formula of activators and blockers. It is a product hailed as "The Fountain of Youth"!
Various associated institutions and companies that have worked on the FOUNT’Y NMN 12000 Elixir has been granted kosher and organic certificates, along with FDA registration. It has also received a Certificate of GMP issued by Consumer Health Products Canada.
For further information: Rita Zhao, PR Manager, [email protected]
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